Why Wonder?

Bright Play

The Wondercube is not only fun - it's educational. It can help children:

Max Develop fine motor skills
Play with the Wondercube
Play with the Wondercube
Identify shapes and colours Minn
Mimi Learn letters and make words
Play with the Wondercube
Play with the Wondercube
Count and do sums

They can also play games such as pass the parcel, pairs or snap ... and much more...

With a constantly expanding range of add-on fillings, the Wondercube can easily be adapted to meet your child's growing needs.

Fair Play

As a company we believe in doing the right thing. That's why we carefully chose manufacturers who could guarantee ethical and environmentally-friendly production and we also use organic cotton.

Organic cotton is grown with no synthetic chemical pesticides, no synthetic fertilisers, and no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and is kinder on the environment, the farmers and ultimately end consumers.

We also use recycled packaging wherever we can.

We think that people are getting tired of cheap throw-away toys that last for five minutes. Our beautifully designed toys offer quality and durability. They also come at a fair price, offering value for money to the consumer and also a fair price to the manufacturers.

We painstakingly researched how and where to get the Wondercube made and here are some details about our wonderful suppliers.

Bishopston factory


  • • A pioneer Fairtrade company
  • • No child labour
  • • Supports a workers' cooperative to provide employment in KV Kuppam, Southern India
  • • Beautiful architect-designed factory


  • • OE100 Certification from SKAL (Control Union) the governing body for organic certification
  • • No child labour
  • • Pays workers above the minimum wage
  • • Recently won an award for industrial excellence, including human rights, from Sri Lanka's Chamber of Industry
My Wondercube being made

Safe Play

As parents we understand that safety is paramount. Our prototypes have been rigorously tested by Bureau Veritas, one of the world's leading safety testing companies. All our toys meet or exceed European toy safety requirements (EN71) and carry the CE marking of quality assurance.

Your Play

Thank you for the amazing feedback and here are some of the things you've been telling us:

"Hi, I bought 3 soft cubes and just wanted to say how brilliant they are, my 1 year old and 2 of her friends can't leave them alone...You also get bonus points from my sister who is a primary school teacher as I am told that the applique letters are excellent for teaching slightly older children the shape of letters as they can trace the outlines. "

"We gave our girls (Niamh (5), Shona (3) and Caoilinn (1) the Wondercube to play with last night. Caoilinn was straight over, but it has been a particular hit with Niamh (5) who has been using it to play guessing games with me....The Wondercube is truly a source of wonder for children. It's potential to inspire creative play and improvisation is almost limitless."
Rory O'Connor, creator of Rory's Story Cubes

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful product - my son loves it! We also love the fact we can add his name to the product for a more personal present. Highly recommended!!!!"

"I saw you and your Wondercube on This Morning and just wanted to say that I think it was a brilliant idea."
"Just to let you know that they came yesterday - and they're every bit as brilliant as I thought they'd be!! I can't wait 'til Christmas now so my two can explore them for themselves!!

 "Just to say THANK YOU for my Big Wonder which arrived today - I am so pleased with it, and I'm sure my Grandaughter will love it!"

"Can we play that game again?"
Vita, aged 6

"Educational and above all fun, My Wondercube is set to become the must-have toy for under 5s."
Dr George McGavin, scientist, author, explorer and TV presenter

"I'm a magician."
Jason, aged 5

"The Wondercube is a source of visual, kinesthetic and oral inspiration to children. It creates a playful and purposeful structure for exploring, colour, pattern, texture and even the foundations of number and word building."
Charlotte Raby, Educational Consultant

"Munchy's my favourite!"
Ella, aged 3

"Enjoyed by our children, great idea!"
Carey Tighe, Pre-school Manager

"Really like the solid ‘quality' feel. Excellent chunkiness!"
Holly, mum of 3

"User-friendly, visually appealing and fun!"
Jo Lee, Primary school teacher

"Very pleasing to the eye - soft and very tactile."
Amaia, mum of 2

If you have any comments we'd love to hear from you. It's great to know what we've got right but also how we can improve - you might even have an idea for the next irresistible filling! Please email us at

Our Play

We're a small start-up company and the toy industry is tough and fiercely competitive. But we have big dreams and are passionate about our product and service. We believe we have a unique educational children's toy that can grow with your child. We hope you do too - if you do, please help us by spreading the word!

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