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GMTVs preview of the BIS

GMTV presenter Matt Arnold with Helen Twigge-Molecey and the Wondercube at the British Invention Show where we scooped a prestigious gold award.

Helen Twigge-Molecey Mumpreneur Finalist


'THIS MORNING' ITV1, 23 October 2008

 In July ‘This Morning' launched a competition to find the UK's Mumpreneur of the Year -

 a mother with a business idea that could be the next big thing.  

They divided the country into four territories (Cardiff, Glasgow, London and Manchester) and the ‘mumpreneurs' had to pitch to a panel of judges - Tim Campbell (who won the first Apprentice), Emma Harrison (Chairman and Founder of A4E) and Judy Naake (who brought St.Tropez to the UK). And from hundreds of mums,  Helen Twigge-Molecey and My Wondercube® made it through the London heats to the semi-final and were featured live on 'This Morning' ITV1.

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me and supported me - Helen

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